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China the Trap - Like 4 Like (B.Y.E 020)
2018/4/1 OUTI
'China the Trap' is the 1st female beat maker from wB.Y.Ex.
Her 1st product wLike 4 Likex was produced with some applications in her iPhone. Although she wanted to make beats, she didn't know this music scene in detail. So her beats are like strange pops with orthodox darkness.
'DON-KEY BABY' from 'Complex Cornflax' raps on her almost beats.

China the Trap
'China the Trap' is the 1st female beat maker from wB.Y.Ex.
Her 1st product wLike 4 Likex was produced with some applications in her iPhone. Although she wanted to make beats, she didn't know this music scene in detail. So her beats are like strange pops with orthodox darkness. 'DON-KEY BABY' from 'Complex Cornflax' raps on her almost beats.



‘DON-KEY BABY’  is a MC of rap group ‘Complex Cornflax’.
His rhyme and flow satisfy audiences with curiosity.
He holds a party ‘LoiteR’ at Osaka with hiphop band ‘Raw-Fidelity’. Therefore, He also acts as LoiteR crew.


Yasuhiro Ito - To Be Naked (B.Y.E 019)
2017 4/24 outI

'To Be Naked' is the 4th release of Yasuhiro Ito from wB.Y.Ex
! His own hard drums and grooves have gone up to further height. Nothing to say! You must listen!


Yasuhiro Ito - Scope (B.Y.E 018)

'Scope' is the 3rd release of Yasuhiro Ito from
wB.Y.Ex! He has completed his own groove with hard drums and disquieting samples produced experimentally since his 1st work. This beat collection is the masterpiece. You must listen!


Yasuhiro Ito - ғ(Moudoku) Deadly Poison (B.Y.E 015)

This is the 2nd release of Yasuhiro Ito from wB.Y.Ex, its name is ‘ғ / Moudoku’! You can listen to the important elements for beat tracks such as the grooves built minutely and the drums sounded characteristically. And as usual, these beats are distinguished from the sample loop of a full chorus.


Yasuhiro Ito - Materials A (B.Y.E 006)

This is the 1st release of Yasuhiro Ito from wB.Y.Ex.
These minimal beats are completely different from the dynamic beats of his "Beat Collection Vol.01". 
Four tracks are built from the bounced kick, the metallic snare and the unified sound materials.
And they are distinguished from the sample loop of a full chorus!


Yasuhiro Ito

Yasuhiro Ito is a Japanese beat maker.
After some groups such as 'PSYCHIC CHANNEL07' with CALKiRA a.k.a Flying96, 'Beat Studies' with Shinsuke Fukumoto, he acts as a solo beatmaker. His activities are various, for example, he won some remix contests, released 'Beat Collection Vol.01' and produced the beat for TwiGy as 'Beat Studies'.

Yasuhiro Ito official HP

DJ ZIG - Trend B (B.Y.E 017)
2016 10/12 outI
This is DJ ZIG's first tracks. He makes music aggressively, concurrently with DJing.
He didn't use his own know-how, he collaged beats with his intuitive sampling like DJ.
This album contains remixes made by wonderful trackmakers who act in Kansai's underground.
Their individualities directly seem to connect to the music scene.

He remixed 'anydrops' and 'Glory holey' in z 'kohhei waki / Or - Rework,Remix,Reconstruction' released from B.Y.E in Jan.2015.
He's based on DJ, and he absorbs various sound and sharpens a flexible and clear sense.


DJ Wallbreak - Uncertain Facilities For … (B.Y.E 016)

This is the 3rd release of DJ Wallbreak, in which dull melodies and porous beats are emphasized.
So it is too different compared to his former release which have the texture of samples. 
This important beats show the next target of DJ Wallbreak.


DJ Wallbreak - Ironic Harmony (B.Y.E 005)

Fifth release fromwB.Y.Ex
This is the 2nd release of DJ Wallbreak.
Like the 1st one, there are grooves and pleasures consisted of a small number of samples made into the fragment.
These beats satirize the trivial cooperativeness which a mysterious organization and system discharges.


DJ Wallbreak - Beats from Japanese Prefusion (B.Y.E 003)

Third release fromwB.Y.Ex
'Beats from Japanese Prefusion' is collection of beats by restructuring
some chopped samples of Japanese pre-fusion music.
Piano, guitar, synthesizer and quiet sound of a flute...
the necessary minimum parts sound peculiar grooves with the drums sequenced simply.

DJ Wallbreak
DJ Wallbreak is a Japanese beat maker.
His lifework is listening to music.
So he has broad music knowledge and range.
He makes many beats and loop sounds by sampling.
You can check his beats on
"BLACK STRIPTEASE EP" and "Kanrui Dramatica" of Flying96.

DJ Wallbreak offcialBLOG


Beat Studies- Works (B.Y.E 014)

'Beat Studies' has finished the new and last album 'Works'. Since their appearance with the 1st beat collection '2011 A/W', they had made beats of various styles. The legend of Japanese hip hop 'TwiGy', passionate and technical rapper 'Emrusta' from 'Romancrew' and 'Flying96' noticed with the 'CARREC's' album ... They joined to 'Works'. This album, contains 'Beat studies's' early anthem 'This Beat'& Olive Oil's Remix, is the most important in 2015

Beat Studies

"Beat Studies" is the Japanese unit which consists of
two beat makers, 
Yasuhiro Ito known as beat makar of "PSYCHIC CHANNEL07" and
Shinsuke Fukumoto a.k.a. Prof. Fuku. 
They search for the groove which consists
of a simple combination of
"synth" and "beats" using the abundant music knowledge and 
roughness which is not bound by them.


TwiGy x Beat Studies y - music (B.Y.E 013)

TwiGy, the legend of Japanese hiphop, released his new track - Ongaku(music)
that was made with the brilliant beat of Beat Studies. This is just Ongaku(music) that shows TwiGy's the newest mind.
Also check the amazing five remixes by Olive Oil, DJ D.O.R …


TwiGy is the legend of Japanese hiphop.
He has showed his own style and skill with his works such as
In recent years, he positively approaches Song.


Flying96×Beat Studies - BLACK CAT MAN (B.Y.E 009)

Flying96 (from 07ch records), who is admirable rapper with his particular way of seeing the world, and
Beat Studies that continue to make novel beats, collaborated on the new rap track sold.

They chose DJ D.O.R as remixer. He won a prize of the remix contest of DJ SHADOW and his name is resounding.
Obviously these beats are great!!

Beat Studies - 2011A/W (B.Y.E 001)

"Beat Studies 2011 A/W" released out of "B.Y.E" is the 1st E.P. of "Beat Studies" focused upon "synth" and "beats".
This E.P. contains four sophisticated beats with the minimal groove.
You must listen to their Hiphop beats and electro sounds!


keepeeu - Breaks And Beats Vol.1 (B.Y.E 012)

This fourth release contains 27 short beat tracks, which express his world and are created by various approach with an emphasis on modest feeling.


keepeeu - Release vol.3 (B.Y.E 007)

This third release contains the eight minimal beat tracks with an emphasis on modest ambient feeling.
Beat tracks with a feeling of floating based on his own view of the world are composed by minimal sound.


keepeeu - Release vol.2 (B.Y.E 004)

Final release 2012 fromwB.Y.Ex
Following the release of the last, release 7 Hip Hop Beat Tracks based on his own view of the world.
This has become a collection of beat tracks have feeling of floating ,based on sound of minimal techno.


keepeeu - Release (B.Y.E 002)

Second release fromwB.Y.Ex
From HipHop Beat track that he created more than 100 songs, released eight songs of their choice.
To the basic Hip Hop, but sound like techno, his beat has become a minimum.



Started making minimal techno tracks from the 1990s,
released from the label in Europe, also from Japananese label.
Along with the production of techno, from the late 2000s,
To start creating a HipHop track.

Tympan - Phos Phero (B.Y.E 011)

Phos Phero is the first four tracks composed by the french Tympan and released by B.Y.E Japan Label.
Tympan chose to make an hybrid music arround the notion of «Light».
Listen the sound burning and lightning, listen Music rising.


Tympan, is the young french composer project.
This Music student searchs his own experimental sound, influenced by Electronics groove, Classic, House and Techno music.
He released his first tracks on B.Y.E Japan label, with a four tracks release called Phos Phero.


kohhei waki - or Rework,Remix,Reconstruction (B.Y.E 010)

Five artists remixed Kohhei Waki's album, "or" released from B.Y.E, to HipHop, Downbeat, Minimal, Techno and Electronica.
You must listen to these tracks drastically changed from Kohhei Waki's original guitar-led sounds.


kohhei waki - or (B.Y.E 008)

Kohhei Waki's album 'or' released from B.Y.E has many 'only one' sounds.
He divided and built them using sounds contained air, his original quiter and human error sound by his manual operation .

kohhei waki

kohhei Waki was influenced by various music 
through performing with his rock band. 
After his band broke up, he asked himself,
'What is the music made alone?' 
As the result, he arrived at his original sound
which is not caught by a genre. 
He contracted with the label of Belgium in 2007. 





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